What is an orthodontist?

The origin of the term orthodontist is in Greek from the word ‘Orthos’, meaning straight, and the word ‘dontos’ pertaining to the teeth.

Orthodontics is a specialism of the dental profession, concerned with the irregular position of teeth in the mouth. This is sometimes referred to as an improper bite, and can be remedied by specially trained orthodontic dentist. If you want to find a local specialist, go to FindOrthodontists.

An orthodontic dentist specialises in correcting the irregular bite of their patients’ teeth. Some of the UK’s best dentists are in the south west like an Exeter Orthodontist.

There are numerous treatments available to an orthodontic dentist. They will first make a variety of examinations and xrays, before then proffering a diagnosis and deciding which treatment is most suitable.

Common treatments include:

  • Braces slowly realign and straighten the teeth
  • Retainers  are similar to braces but are  removable, so the patient can wear them at night while sleeping
  • Facemasks are very effective, yet not aesthetically pleasing. They are large masks that fit over the face and head, whilst being fixed to a patient’s braces

Invisalign clear bracesNowadays, orthodontic treatments are growing in popularity among adults due to the emergence of clear and invisible braces. These allow the user to benefit from a teeth straightening process in a less obtrusive way. Popular options include:

Most are available to the patient, however, a full examination is advisable before opting for one treatment over another.